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Joe Mantello’s cinematic updating of Matt Crowley’s seminal LGBT play The Boys in the Band is a great example of how one can make something visually and dramatically captivating for the screen while retaining everything that made the stage version special.

While it has enough plot and characters to warrant being a miniseries rather than a movie that clocks in under two hours, the historical drama Misbehaviour deserves an immense amount of credit for packing a lot of detail, entertainment value, and great performances into such a modest package.

Despite two outstanding leading performances and a handful of good points, the awkwardly on-the-nose drama The Last Shift remains so staunchly focused on delivering a bit of timely social commentary that it forgets to be a well rounded movie.

A subtle, yet intensely passionate period love story, Ammonite is the type of film that can tell more with images and glances than most epic novels could manage with thousands of words

Kajillionaire, an off-beat domestic drama and quirky heist comedy courtesy of singular auteur Miranda July, certainly won’t be to everyone’s tastes.

A playfully and creatively confounding upending of biopic conventions, writer-director Michael Almereyda’s Tesla is a keen reflection on the life of the misunderstood and historically underrated luminary it seeks to cheekily document.

Beckman is at least going the extra mile to be terrible. Instead of being all things to all people, Beckman is nothing to anyone.

A rare example of a lighthearted romp that’s as timely as it is amusing, the young adult adventure and mystery Enola Holmes establishes a new cinematic hero just when the world could use it the most.

Although hampered somewhat by the inherent predictability of its premise, Another Round is another solid effort from esteemed Danish filmmaker Thomas Vinterberg.

The New Corporation: The Unfortunately Necessary Sequel is a good example of a film that’s both vital and messy in equal measure.