Introduction to a blog

by W. Andrew Powell

“To write a diary every day is like returning to one’s own vomit.” -Enoch Powell.

Let me be honest here, this is my fifth attempt at running a blog/journal, and considering the way I operate, this one has about as much chance of surviving as all the rest! Still, I am at least trying again – so that’s something, right?

For those who don’t know me and actually want to try, here’s some info about me that you might find amusing or interesting…

  • I’m 27 and I was born in Denver, Colorado – but, I’m a dual citizen (U.S./Canada) and have lived in Canada almost all of my life. Right now, I’m living in Toronto, Ontario.
  • I went to University for 3 years before I dropped out, took time off, and then moved to Miami Beach, FL for a year.
  • Compared to the number of friends I have who live across the world, only about 20% of my closest friends live within Ontario, and the majority of my longest/dearest friends, live too far away to visit.
  • My father is a Baptist Preacher, and I’m an ordained minister (in the U.S.) through the United Life Church.
  • I’ve only played Truth or Dare once in my life, and I’ve never played Strip Poker.
  • My mother’s doctor thought he heard two heartbeats when she was pregnant with me and thought I was going to be twins…
  • In the last 2 years I’ve interviewed over 30 artists – including some of my favorites, like: The Tea Party, Emm Gryner, Steven Page of the Barenaked Ladies, Joydrop, and Ron Hawkins of The Lowest of The Low.
  • So, there you are. Take that and chew on it for now. I’ll be back soon to ramble on about something else.

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