Bugger off, Brits

by W. Andrew Powell

Growing up in New Brunswick I always remember our art teacher raving on and on about how great the Beaverbrook Art Gallery was and how it had some of the most amazing works of art. Every now and then we’d bustle off in a bus and visit this mid-sized place… but I actually was pretty impressed. I mean, it was New Brunswick – how did they get a Dali painting (the “Santiago El Grande” – one of my all time favorites)?

The thing is though, I never much cared about the place. I haven’t been back since I was a kid, but suddenly I feel a bit cheated. Both as a Canadian, an art fan, and a former New Brunswick-an.

Basically, the family of the original Lord Beaverbrook, who built the gallery and donated much of the art, are asking to get all of the art back. Some even say it’s so they can sell it because they need cash. All I can say is screw off meatheads – it’s been adored for over 50 years in New Brunswick and some accounts even suggest it was a gift in the first place.

Hopefully, the courts will side with Canada, but I’m not feeling very hopeful about that. You can read more on it over at CBC.ca.

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