When a simple hard drive won’t cut it

by W. Andrew Powell

Storage DriveThe hard drives on my computer are beginning to get a little bit frustrating. Trying to fit more and more photos, movies, music and general files on each hard drive is leaving me with very little room for day-to-day stuff, and then if I’m on a secondary computer and I want one of my photos, I need to go back and find it on my main computer.

That made me realize that more and more, I need some sort of external storage device in my house, which means I think it’s time to get a NAS (Network-attached storage) device.

The problem for me is that it’s a lot like buying a computer. There are a lot of companies that make NAS devices, but I’m not sure how many of them I’m willing to trust with my data, so while I’m researching the question I thought I would also ask for recomendations.

Do you have a NAS that works for you? Is it a good size and dependable? Let me know what you think of your device and I’ll post another update when I’ve researched a few systems myself.

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