EA Sports UFC 2

‘EA Sports UFC 2’: Punch button

I don't play sports games very often. I played a lot of NHL 94 on the Genesis, and NFL 2K on the Dreamcast. The last sports game I had spent any real time on was 3 on 3 NHL Arcade for the Xbox 360, and that came out more than 7 years ago. These games captured the feeling of participating in their real-life counterparts, and they were exciting to compete against friends. But I hadn't found anything like them in a good long stretch.

‘Oxenfree’: Binge-gaming

Games are an excellent medium to instill many emotions. You feel powerful, as you conquer hordes of enemies, or terror when that monster leaps at your throat. Triumph in clearing that last level; frustration because you can't quite clear the next one. What Oxenfree, the downloadable, narrative-driven game from Night School Studio, filled me with, was dread.
Microsoft Band 2

Review: Microsoft Band 2

There are times when I am convinced that some of these tech companies give me their newest products to test out specifically because of my general lack of tech savvy--meaning their stated intention is, "if this idiot can figure these devices out and make the most of them, then just about any member of the general public can!"
Samsung Galaxy Studio at Sherway Gardens

Samsung Canada’s Mark Childs talks Studio, Gear S2, and Galaxy View

Samsung Canada has been showing off their latest gear ahead of the holidays--including the new Samsung Gear S2 watch--for the last few weeks at Sherway Gardens, and to kick it all off they had Hamilton's own The Arkells perform an intimate acoustic set. Chatting about the space and the show with Chief Marketing Officer, Mark Childs, it was clear they had made at least one new fan.
Netatmo Welcome

Review: Netatmo Welcome smart home camera

Home security is a hot topic. People are more aware of the security issues around their house today, and with an ever-rising range of products trying to address those issues, Netatmo's Welcome smart home camera deserves a look for its simple approach to a big concern, especially for parents.