Rival Boys

Band Profile: Rival Boys

Recorded in a single live-off-the-floor session on Jan. 8, 2014 -- as their hometown of Toronto was still recovering from a paralyzing winter blast -- Ice Storm's five tracks showcase the band's raw power and set the stage for the release of the full-length LP, animal instincts, this June.
Young Rival

Band Profile: Young Rival

Not to give them any more ammunition, but the next time your dad or your loudmouthed brother-in-law or that one dickhead friend you have who refuses to acknowledge anything that exceeds the bounds of the local "classic"-rock radio playlist as "real music" starts running on at the mouth about why he never listens to an album made after 1978, give him a polite nudge in Young Rival's direction.

Magic! rehearse for 2014 MMVAs

Ahead of the MuchMusic Video Awards on Sunday, Canadian band Magic! took to the MMVA stage for rehearsals on Friday night, and photographers were on-hand to grab a few shots from the preview.