Goodbye again, Miami

by W. Andrew Powell

If you’ve been wondering where I vanished to, or why the site hasn’t been updated in the last few days, it’s because I took a real vacation last week and went off to Miami Beach with Aisha. If I hadn’t mentioned this before, I actually lived there for most of 1997, but I hadn’t been back since then.

Actually, it wasn’t all about vacation time – I also went to do a travel piece on Miami Beach and was fortunate enough to have stay at the Lily Leon – a great boutique hotel on Collins Avenue.

I’ll have some photos soon from the trip, and I’m also writing up my adventures for a spotlight I plan on posting in December. Now I also have to try and keep up with all the things I missed, write as much up as I can that’s overdue, and get ready for all the new things happening as well! Ack.

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