Canadian Tire Ice Truck

Meet the Canadian Tire Ice Truck

How do you sell a new car battery that can withstand the coldest of winter conditions in Canada? Leave it to Canadian Tire to come up with the Ice Truck, a 15,000 pound vehicle made almost completely out of ice that they drove around the town of Hensall, Ontario.
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David, is that you?

This has been driving me nuts. Every time I hear the most recent ad for Metro (the Canadian grocery store chain) I could have sworn it was David Duchovny doing the voiceover. I did a Google search but couldn't find a thing to suggest it was him (and really, why would it be him?), but apparently I'm not the only one who is confused.
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Er, that’s kinda lame

Some company has been plastering Toronto with ads featuring the earth-shattering, highly compelling intro "er" and the edge of a letter. So far, it's anyone's guess which company is behind it, but I don't c...