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Film Friday: ‘Cairo Time’ & ‘Couples Retreat’

Opening in a limited number of theatres this week, writer and director Ruba Nadda's award-winning film Cairo Time stars Patricia Clarkson as a woman facing love in a strange city. Plus, Vince Vaughn stars in the farcical comedy Couples Retreat, and we take a quick look ahead at films coming later this month.

Ruba Nadda on her new film, ‘Cairo Time’

The Toronto International Film Festival is a tremendous annual event for a lot of different reasons, but one of the best parts of the festival is the chance to meet great Canadian filmmakers who often don't get the attention they deserve. At this year's festival, one of my highlights was the opportunity to interview writer and director Ruba Nadda, who was at the festival for her latest feature film, Cairo Time, which stars Patricia Clarkson and Alexander Siddig in a drama about a married woman who finds love while on vacation.