Aaron Paul and Scott Mescudi in Need For Speed

Blu-ray new releases – August 5 & 12: ‘Need For Speed’, ‘Muppets Most Wanted’

The "Need For Speed" is something I get. There's nothing quite like long straightaways on a highway where you can push the pedal down just a bit and feel the pavement fly underneath the tires. For filmmakers--and here I'm especially talking about producers and a few directors--I wish some times they would think a bit more about the "Need For A Good Script" first though, even before they think about the speed, special effects, and everything else.
Wizard of Oz - 75th Anniversary Companion

‘The Wizard of Oz’ turns 75

Whether you like it or whether you aren’t so taken with it, The Wizard of Oz is one of the most enduring classics in cinema history, and that fact is not really up for dispute. This 1939 musical film was hailed in its day as a technological marvel because of its use of colour and make-up effects and those very elements of the film are just as evident today, in watching the new Warner Bros. Blu-ray 3D remastered version, as they were 75 years ago.
In The Heat of the Night on Blu-ray

Blu-ray new releases – January 14 & 21: ‘Captain Phillips’, ‘In the Heat of the Night’, ‘Carrie’

Catching up with the latest new releases this month, Oscar-nominated and Oscar-winning titles are the biggest arrivals for new release Tuesdays on both January 14 and 21. Topping the list of new releases is the Oscar-nominated Captain Phillips, and Oscar-winners In the Heat of the Night and Sunrise. Other new releases include Machete Kills, Carrie, and You're Next.