Die Hard

‘Die Hard’ by the numbers

This Friday, February 15, A Good Day To Die Hard opens in theatres, which gives John McClane (Bruce Willis), the New York City police officer, more time to run amok killing bad guys and saving the day. At this point, he can obviously deal with just about anything that comes his way, including villains, bombs, and as we saw in the last film, even a fighter jet, but what exactly has he accomplished in the films so far?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Looper

Film review: ‘Looper’ starring Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Rian Johnson just became one of my favourite directors, and all it took was one film. Johnson’s two previous films certainly impressed me, but Looper is a step forward for the writer and director. It’s a film that draws you in with the characters on an intimate level as hell starts to break loose, and despite the topic, it’s also a film that takes the story to heart.

DVD Tuesday: Top ten time travel movies

In honour of next week’s release of Source Code on DVD and Blu-ray, and because it’s one of my favorite topics, this week for DVD Tuesday I’m counting down the ten best time travel movies. From science fiction, action, adventure, and horror, to comedy, and even a romantic comedy or two, these movies cover almost every genre, and I’m ranking them not just on how great the movie is, but also, how well they approach a time travel story.