Review: Ocean’s 8

Paring the original concept of its parent franchise down to its barest essence, transplanting the story to a different city, and swapping out smooth talking dudes for tough talking, fully capable women, Ocean’s 8 feels familiar and slightly off at the same time.

Review: ‘Manifesto,’ starring Cate Blanchett

German artist and filmmaker Julian Rosefeldt’s Manifesto has a cheeky, intriguing, and playful idea at its heart: casting a performer to act out and monologue various scenarios where famously groundbreaking treatises on art, commerce, and society (written by the likes of Marx, Debord, Breton, and a cavalcade of other big thinkers) are delivered by fictional characters in everyday situations instead of the historical figureheads best known for penning or expressing such game-changing edicts and opinions. Thanks to Rosefeldt’s decision to cast a performer as versatile and magnetic as Cate Blanchett to act a conduit through which all of these varied and often overlapping ideals will pass, the artist’s experiment mostly works.