The cast of X-Men First Class

DVD Tuesday: ‘X-Men First Class’ and ‘Hanna’

Arriving this week on Blu-ray and on DVD: James McAvoy is the young and dashing Charles Xavier trying to save the world from evil mutants in X-Men First Class; Saoirse Ronan stars as a 16-year-old reclusive killer in Hanna; and a look at Brian DePalma's notorious Scarface on Blu-ray.
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Film Friday: ‘Hanna’ and ‘Arthur’

Opening across Canada at a theatre near you: a teenage girl takes on the CIA in the modern action fairy tale, Hanna; Russell Brand plays a lovable man-child in Arthur; medieval times get a bit dopey in the comedy Your Highness; and a girl gets back on her surf board after a shark attack in Soul Surfer.
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Film Friday: ‘The Spirit’ & ‘Curious Case Of Benjamin Button’

The year draws to a close, but not before the last, big studio films of the year duke it out for some box office cheer. Marking what I would call the busiest release point of the year, there are no less than seven major films in theatres vying for your attention, including The Spirit, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, Bedtime Stories, and Valkyrie.
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Film Friday: ‘Indiana Jones 4’, ‘Postal’

Hollywood gets serious about blockbusters this week with the return of a film icon people have been talking about for weeks. As anyone will tell you, Indiana Jones is back this weekend, and he has a lot to make up for after his nearly 20-year absence. With few other studios interested in taking on this huge franchise, there is really only one other film going up against Indy's whip: Uwe Boll's latest disaster, Postal.
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DVD Tuesday: ‘Into the Wild’, ‘I’m Not There’

There are too many films where the word "inspired by a true story" seems all too forced, but this week Sean Penn's Into the Wild provides an all-too-real glimpse into the short but incredible life of Chris McCandless. For the film I'm Not There, Bob Dylan fans can get an intimate, and strange re-imagining of the singer's life, through six different actors. Plus, 101 Dalmations arrives out of Disney's vault, Things We Lost in the Fire explores life after a husband's death, and a magic toy shop has a mind of its own in Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium.