Review: Flannery

A decent, but unexceptional primer on the life and works of one of the most exalted American authors of the 20th century, Flannery follows a boilerplate documentary template of talking heads and narrated selections from the CV of its subject to offer up the kind of film that’s best viewed as a basic educational lesson.

Don't Be Nice - Ashley August

Timely slam poetry documentary Don’t Be Nice on DVD now, on demand everywhere July 21

The powerful and timely feature documentary film Don’t Be Nice from Radio Drama Network is now available on DVD and will be available on Apple TV, On Demand, and EST/TVOD everywhere on July 21st. The acclaimed film follows a New York City team of young African American, Afro-Hispanic, and queer slam poets as they fight to find the words to speak their truths to a nation awakening in Black Lives Matter protest and on the brink of a general election.

Review: ‘Sacred,’ a documentary by Thomas Lennon

For the documentary Sacred, director Thomas Lennon has cobbled together the footage of forty filmmaking teams from around the world to create a look at how religious beliefs impact daily life. It’s a great idea for a long-form series, or possibly a trilogy of movies based around the subjects and themes at hand, but it strains to find any sort of footing as a feature, despite a refreshing lack of posturing and a wealth of good intentions.

Chef Jeremiah Tower

‘Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent’ – Life, food, and American cuisine

Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent is a vibrant, tense, moving, sometimes sad, often striking, and most of all, enlightening look at one of America’s most legendary, infamous, and influential chefs. The film peers back to a time when American cuisine was first taking shape, but the power of the story is in Tower’s own life story, and the forces that shaped his career.

Mitchell Moffit, Elizabeth White, and Greg Brown

‘Planet Earth II’ premieres at Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum

Sloths, birds, Komodo dragons, lizards, and penguins, oh my! BBC Earth has arrived in Canada, and to mark its debut, the channel hosted a special premiere screening of Planet Earth II last night in Toronto at the Royal Ontario Museum with a few special guests, including series producer Elizabeth White, AsapSCIENCE hosts Mitchell Moffit and Greg Brown, and the ROM’s managing director, Centre of Discovery of Biodiversity, Dave Ireland.