Welcome to ‘Sports Night’

Every week I write my DVD column, and every week I feel like I have to short change some great movie or TV show.

On any given week there are at least five new, notable shows or movies arriving on DVD, and at most I try to write between 800 to 1000 words for my column. That means that if I really have anything meaningful to say about a DVD, I have about 300 words to say about the big releases, and I can really only pick two at most per week.

2008 Year-End Giveaway

The year is drawing to a close, the Holiday festivities are well under way, and The GATE wants to thank our loyal visitors with our biggest giveaway of the year.

We also want to thank the kind people at Microsoft, Universal Home Entertainment, and Zip.ca for donating loads of goodies for this year’s huge, year-end contest.