Kristian Bruun and Ennis Esmer

Weekly: Emily VanCamp, Taste Canada, ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ and CMW

This week in the blog you get two for the price of one as I catch up on blogging about what I’ve been up to for both last week, and this week. There has been a lot going on, including an interview with Emily VanCamp, screening X-Men: Apocalypse, interviews with Cabbie Richards and two stars from How to Plan an Orgy in a Small Town, a Hudson’s Bay x Taste Canada event, and lots, lots more.

Royal York diary, Part 8: Movie magic

Originally I was going to call this chapter of the series “The Fairmont Royal York Goes To The Movies,” but in essence it really should be called “The Movies Go To The Fairmont Royal York.”

On Tuesday, August 4th the Toronto International Film Festival held the second of its annual summer press conferences in the venerable Imperial Room here at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel.

Royal York diary, Part 7: Solitude and the gryphon

In the last week I have been sitting in the mezzanine lounge of the Royal York Hotel, or sitting in Epic restaurant lounge – watching people make their way through the lobby or relax over a cocktail after either a long day in meetings or a long day of sightseeing – just feeling the energy of the place. It got me thinking about the allure of living in a hotel and why it is something that writers and actors and artists and musicians seem to gravitate towards.

Royal York diary, Part 6: The hotel connection

I have always felt a magical, almost cosmic connection to the Fairmont Royal York, and for some time I wondered where that feeling came from.

After all, I have been lucky enough to have spent time in some of the finest hotels in North America – from New York to Beverly Hills, from Miami to Maui, but still, when I am asked to name my favourite hotel, The Fairmont Royal York is always the answer I give without a breath of hesitation.

Royal York diary, Part 5: An Epic night of dining

Living in the ever changing, exciting world of the Fairmont Royal York Hotel reminded me that, as familiar with a place you think you may be, it can and does show you constantly that there is more to the place than meets the eye.

Such was confirmed for me recently on a wonderful evening that begin on the roof of the hotel and ended with a splendid dinner with the hours in between being filled with great company, great food, and lots of hotel talk.