Movies, music and zombies taking over Yonge & Dundas Square

This is pretty much it. Take a deep breath and dive in, because for the next ten days the city of Toronto is going to be filled with wonderful mayhem.

If you’re not tripping over red carpets, or lineups for some of the 273 feature-length films, you’ll probably see a crazy festival-goer running from one event to another, or perhaps even an international celebrity on their way to one of said events.

DVD Tuesday: ‘National Treasure 2’, ‘Diary of the Dead’

American history gets the adventure treatments once again in the often dizzyingly surreal National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets launches Ben Gates into another search for lost treasure as he also tries to clear his ancestor’s name from the plot to kill President Lincoln. Also arriving this week is the zombie-driven horror Diary of the Dead, futuristic anime in Vexille, the 80s hit comedy Short Circuit, and the first season of 24.