Mo Kenney wins SOCAN Songwriting Prize with breakup inspired song “Sucker”

"Now you’re just a memory of everything I’d hoped you’d be," sings Mo Kenney in "Sucker", a breakup song filled with anger and longing that clearly resonates with people. Following a month of voting, Kenney's "Sucker" has won the 2013 SOCAN Songwriting Prize. The Halifax musician takes home the grand prize of $5,000, a Gibson Les Paul, and a $3,000 Roland gift certificate.
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Back in Time at Halifax’s Pier 21

Some people take vacations to lay on a beach, some to go to see family, and some go to see history. In the past year I have been coast-to-coast seeing this beautiful country of Canada, where my family proudly now calls home, so an important stop for while in Halifax was to visit the past.
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History & Charm at The Lord Nelson Hotel

Halifax, Nova Scotia is a rare example of a historic city that hasn't lost touch with it's history, or what it can offer the modern traveler. And while there's no shortage of chain hotels where you can stay within the city core, there's also thankfully a couple of unique hotels as well. Out of all of them, if you're looking for something special, the one that really stands out though is the Lord Nelson Hotel.