Gemini: Heroes Reborn

‘Gemini: Heroes Reborn’ – The first good thing to come from NBC’s failed franchise since Zachary Quinto

Do you remember that show from about a decade ago, with a bunch of ordinary folks gaining superpowers, and somehow all the disparate threads become interconnected? Did you know that Heroes was revived last year, as Heroes Reborn, and was to be a revival of a show that had a strong premise, and a lack of direction leading to a faltering, mostly-ignored end. Heroes Reborn did not set the world on fire, but it did lead to a surprisingly fun tie-in game, in Gemini: Heroes Reborn.

Heroes: A villain-ous downfall

It’s a little depressing to me, but this year’s batch of Heroes are turning out to be duds of lamely epic proportions. Even the so called “Villains,” which are the focus of this chapter in the story, seem to be coming up a bit short on the incredo-meter. They’re like caricatures of bad guys that my friends and I made up on the grade five recesses. If it wasn’t for Zachary Quinto as Sylar, this third, depressing season wouldn’t even be worth talking about.