Review: Flannery

A decent, but unexceptional primer on the life and works of one of the most exalted American authors of the 20th century, Flannery follows a boilerplate documentary template of talking heads and narrated selections from the CV of its subject to offer up the kind of film that’s best viewed as a basic educational lesson.

Review: The River and the Wall

A bittersweet and transformative look at a landscape that could forever be altered or lost thanks to a xenophobic campaign promise run amok, the documentary The River and the Wall looks at both the ecosystems that could be destroyed thanks to the building of Donald Trump’s wall along the U.S./Mexico border and the futility of constructing such an edifice in the first place.

Inside Hot Docs’ ambitious anthology ‘In the Name of All Canadians’

Canada’s 150th birthday is a cause for many to celebrate what makes the country such a great place to live, but it should also be used as a time to reflect on what citizens can do to make Canada a better, more equitable place for all its citizens. To that end and just in time for the Canada Day long weekend, the Hot Docs organization has delivered their most ambitious and unique in-house project to date: the anthology documentary In the Name of All Canadians (which made its World Premiere at the Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema this past Wednesday and opens properly at the theatre on Friday the 30th), a series of five short films and a wrap-around segment that brings to light issues, controversies, and important to remember past precedents surrounding the rocky history and implementation of the 35 year old Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.