Review: the Chinese sci-fi action thriller ‘Reset’

The Chinese sci-fi thriller Reset (produced in part by Jackie Chan) mashes together a bunch of familiar tropes and ideas to create something fresh and entertaining for those capable of suspending their disbelief and knowledge of physics for a bit. It’s one of those movies where a kid gets kidnapped and a single parent has to save them, a corporate espionage thriller, and a cautionary tale about the theoretical nature of time travel rolled into one. These are all dependable genres on their own, so it’s kind of amazing that no one had the idea to stitch all of them together sooner, but Korean genre experimenter Chang (that’s his whole credited name) has finally made such an attempt and has done it about as well as one can.

Review: ‘Railroad Tigers,’ starring Jackie Chan

After over 100 appearances on screen, it shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone that Jackie Chan, one of the foremost names in action cinema, can’t do the daring, often insanely dangerous stunts that he used to perform. Time catches up to us all, but the well meaning, generally entertaining action flick Railroad Tigers stands as proof that the Chinese superstar still has a lot to offer as a performer beyond punching, kicking, and dangling precariously from great heights without a net.