Review: Zeroville

A misguided, aimless, and frequently irritating send-up of tinseltown egotism from the late 1960s until the early 1980s, director and star James Franco’s Zeroville feels like the work of a feverish cinema studies student on death’s door after overdosing on caffeine pills, everclear, Iggy and the Stooges records, and Martin Amis novels.

Review: Kin

A wildly uneven mash-up of high concept sci-fi and clichéd family-in-crisis tropes, Jonathan and Josh Baker’s Kin starts off with an interesting enough premise and a stacked cast of old pros and newcomers trying their hardest before quickly setting into a boring groove and finally switching over into braindead idiocy in the final act.

Jeff Gum

Jeff Gum on supernatural mayhem in ‘The Vault’

Bank heists rarely go off without a hitch. Robbers often double-cross each other. Cops get trigger happy. Hostages wind up in the crossfire. Double-crosses occur. Those ordinary curveballs would be welcomed in The Vault. Opening on September 1, the movie finds two estranged sisters–Vee (Taryn Manning) and Leah Dillon (Francesca Eastwood)–forced to rob a bank in order to save their brother.

Review: ‘Why Him?,’ starring Bryan Cranston and James Franco

Partly a profane, raunchy comedy full of embarrassing moments for its characters and partly an earnest “getting to know the in-laws” picture, the holiday release Why Him?, starring Bryan Cranston and James Franco, is so standardized and unsurprising that the bigger question for the audience and those involved in the making of the film should have led to something titled “Why Bother?”