Review: Peppermint

Yet another bland and predictable entry in the long list of revenge films to come out following the surprise success of the Taken franchise, Peppermint casts an aging performer previously known for their work in the action genre as someone who uses their “special set of skills” to get revenge after a violent act is committed towards a loved one.

Review: ‘Elektra’

Elektra is one of those films that demand to be taken at face value. And when reviewing such a film it is incumbent on the reviewer to look at the film for what it is and evaluate it on that basis, not what the reviewer hoped it would be, what the reviewer thought it would be, but what it is. And then there is the all-important question of – did this movie deliver on its promise. And in the case of Elektra, I say it did.

Review: ’13 Going On 30′ starring Jennifer Garner

One thing that always undermines the seriousness of movie reviewing is the presumption that some critics assume when they pontificate about movies in a way that suggests that if they don’t like a film then it can’t really be all that good. Some movies, and such is the case with 13 Going On 30, should be looked at with a critical eye that takes into account the audience that the film was made for and whether or not that particular audience will find it enjoyable.