Review: ‘The Bad Batch,’ a film by Ana Lily Amirpour

With her exceptionally produced and critically acclaimed debut feature, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, filmmaker Ana Lily Amirpour established herself a major talent to keep a watch on in the future. With her second film, the still sparse, but more visually ambitious post-apocalyptic drama The Bad Batch, many of Amirpour’s supporters will be left scratching their heads and wondering if the same filmmaker could have made both of these films. Sometimes, such a vast departure toward more artistically fruitful territory could be a good thing, but The Bad Batch proves to be one of those sophomore slumps where the vision and the imagination of the filmmaker doesn’t translate into much of anything moving or thoughtful.

Film Friday: ‘Seven Pounds’ & ‘Yes Man’

Romance is in the air this week, along with some sadness and regret as Will Smith stars in the drama Seven Pounds. Also opening, with another take on romance, Jim Carrey stars in the comedy Yes Man, about a work-a-day guy who tries to change his life with one word: Yes. Plus, the animated children’s story The Tale of Despereaux debuts, while The Wrestler and Gran Torino open in select theatres.

Film Friday: ‘Horton Hears a Who!’, ‘Doomsday’

As March break wraps up for many families across the country there is one great reason to take your family to the movies this weekend, and that is Dr. Seuss’s triumphant Horton Hears a Who! For years fans have been waiting for a good adaptation of Seuss’ stories, but they won’t have to wait any longer. Other fresh arrivals lean to the definite violent end of things, with the apocalyptic Doomsday, the teen fighter flick Never Back Down, and terror-filled Funny Games.