Black Rock

Review: ‘Black Rock’ starring Katie Aselton

At first glance, Black Rock looks like a blend of Deliverance, mixed with the female-powered revenge horror of I Spit on Your Grave. While Black Rock earnestly tries to balance the two, it comes across as overly ambitious and never really finds the right tone while simultaneously falling prey to predictable horror tropes (hot girls in horror films are contractually obligated to run around naked at least some point during the movie).

Film Friday: ’21’, ‘Run, Fat Boy, Run’

Live vicariously this week with a few films that put you in the shoes of high rollers, marathon runners, soldiers, and mock superheroes. In the clichéd 21, Jim Sturgess plays a geeky student out to make a few hundred thousand bucks in a Las Vegas scheme; Run, Fat Boy, Run has Simon Pegg trying to prove his love by running in a marathon; Stop-Loss is a drama about the plight of soldiers at war; and Superhero Movie spoofs those lovely men and women in tights.