Anna Silk as Bo in Lost Girl

Anna Silk talks about the fifth and final season of ‘Lost Girl’

The fifth and final season of Showcase’s hit series Lost Girl kicked off on Sunday with Bo, played by Anna Silk, trying to find out what happened to her dear friend Kenzi (Ksenia Solo), after the season four finale where Kenzi sacrificed herself to close a portal to the afterlife. Bo’s search will take her to Hel and back again as she tries to save the people she cares about, but there will be consequences and decisions for all of Bo’s friends to make as the series draws to a close.

Ksenia Solo

Video: ‘Lost Girl’ stars Ksenia Solo, Rick Howland on set interviews

Winter might be raging across Canada right now, but back when Lost Girl was filming their big fourth season in Toronto, the hottest days of summer had the city sweltering. The cast, for their part, were calm and cool on set as I sat down to chatted with them about the developments from season three, and where things were headed for the show’s new season that was still in the midst of production.

Visiting with the cast of Lost Girl season three

From the set of ‘Lost Girl’ season three

This afternoon I had the good fortune of visiting the cast of Lost Girl for their last day of filming for season three (I’m the one on the far right, in case you’re wondering), and along with two other journalists, we had 30 minutes to interview the group. On top of that, we watched filming for one of the final scenes of the season, and toured the set which included a new space that we’re told has a particular role.