DVD Tuesday: ‘Transformers 2’ & ‘Assassination Of A High School President’

New this week on home video, Michael Bay‘s Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen blasts its way onto DVD and Blu-ray; high school turns a little noir in the comedy Assassination Of A High School President; Nazi zombies take over the hills in the Indie horror film Dead Snow; plus a look at The Transformers – complete cartoon series, It’s Garry Shandling’s Show, and Waterworld on Blu-ray.

Film Friday: ‘The International’ & ‘Friday the 13th’

Jerry Bruckheimer and Michael Bay are set for the battle of the Valentine’s Day box office this weekend, with two distinctly different films. On the one hand, Bay is backing the horror remake Friday the 13th, while Buckheimer produced the escapist comedy Confessions Of A Shopaholic. Also opening this week, Clive Owen stars in the thriller The International, and Under The Sea 3D debuts in IMAX theatres.

DVD Tuesday: ‘Big Bang Theory’ & ‘Boomerang’

This week’s collection of new DVD arrivals left me scratching my head at first, until I stumbled on the geeky television comedy The Big Bang Theory and the dramatic goodness of Elia Kazan‘s film noir, Boomerang. Also out this week is Transformers on Blu-Ray, the office comedic drama The Promotion, and a plethora of new television seasons landing ahead of the fall’s new block of shows.

‘Transformers’ rolls out for new action

Michael Bay may never win an Oscar for the best movie of the year, but there’s never been a question about his ability to make any action movie, however crazy it might sound, into a knock-out blockbuster. With his latest film, the instant popcorn classic Transformers, he brings our favorite cartoon robots from the 80s back to life with all the cheesy lines and explosive action that you could ever want.