DVD Tuesday: ‘Baghead’ & ‘Ghost Town’

With the studios taking a break for the holidays, we take a peek ahead this week at some of the DVDs coming out before the year’s end. There’s the horror parody Baghead, Ghost Town starring Ricky Gervais, and the popcorn-brained actioner Eagle Eye starring Shia LaBeouf and Michelle Monaghan. Plus, we look at two releases you may have missed recently: the original classic, The Day The Earth Stood Still, and Orson WellesTouch of Evil.

DVD Tuesday: ‘Made of Honor’ & ‘[email protected]

Hollywood will have a hard time coming up with a cuter couple than Patrick Dempsey and Michelle Monaghan, who star in this week’s cheesy romantic comedy, Made of Honor. Also coming to DVD this week, the documentary [email protected] follows an aging choir singing rock songs, Ellen Burstyn stars in the iconic Canadian story The Stone Angel, and Speed Racer crashes in a fluffy disaster of poor storytelling and lame visuals.