Microsoft Band 2

Review: Microsoft Band 2

There are times when I am convinced that some of these tech companies give me their newest products to test out specifically because of my general lack of tech savvy–meaning their stated intention is, “if this idiot can figure these devices out and make the most of them, then just about any member of the general public can!”

Xbox One

Xbox One: Everything you need to know

On November 22, Microsoft will release their next generation console, the Xbox One, and from the details that have come out over the last few months, it looks like a serious piece of hardware that improves vastly on the Xbox 360. To prepare you for the console’s launch, I have put together a quick system guide to give you an overview of what it can do, the launch titles that will be available, and other details you should know about the system that is trying to bring together games, television, movies, and apps into one shiny box.

Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide 2009: Console Games

For those of you still stumbling around looking for the perfect gift this holiday season, here are a few suggestions that may come in handy for that special adult gamer in your life. Including some of the best video games released this year, these titles are sure to please the person in your life who just can’t tear themselves away from their console.

From music and shooters to action and racing, here are a few suggestions this holiday season.

I’m a PC

As Apple continues to drive their “Mac vs. PC” campaign into the ground, Microsoft has stepped up (finally) with an ad campaign that I think says quite a bit.

In the ad campaign, famous and not-so-famous PC users introduce themselves (“I’m a PC and I wear glasses,” Bill Gates proclaims) following an introduction from a Microsoft employee who looks remarkably like actor John Hodgman, who plays PC in the Mac ads. “Hello, I’m a PC and I’ve been made into a stereotype.”