Review: ‘The Commuter’

While the idea of aging Liam Neeson as an action star has become something of a punchline recently, his latest genre effort and collaboration with filmmaker Jaume Collet-Serra, The Commuter, does a fine job of illustrating why he keeps getting these roles. Grounding an admittedly silly, implausible, but entertaining story of an everyman pulled into a deadly situation, Neeson and Serra’s familiarity with such material and each other’s particular set of skills makes for a delightful, well crafted B-movie confection.

Review of ‘The Alamo’ starring Dennis Quaid as Sam Houston

When The Alamo is good, it is very good. The battle scenes are terrifically and terrifyingly stages. The characters are well drawn and memorable, and the storytelling is smart and interesting (for a change we have a film that doesn’t venture to insult the intelligence of the average twelve year). When it isn’t quite so good, it is still okay, it just feels a bit slow and uneven.