Marilyn Ann Powell

Saying goodbye to my mother

My earliest memories of my mother, Marilyn, are when I was three or four and my parents and I were living in a basement apartment in Saint John. We would later move to a little village an hour's drive away, to be with my grandparents, but in Saint John my mother was naturally the centre of my universe, and I still remember how she helped build up my love for things that would always be important to me. She was nurturing and caring, and she loved her family and friends deeply.
New Brunswick blueberry field

Once upon a time in New Brunswick

You may have noticed that it's been a bit quiet around here. Not that long ago I was bustling my way through TIFF, but a day after it was over, I had to get myself to New Brunswick where I've been working ever since. It's coming up on two weeks that I've been here, and the adventure continues for another week before I head back to Toronto.
Summer Close2You monitor

Keeping an ear out for baby

As some of you may have read already, I became a dad at the end of July when my daughter was born, and I've decided to try to chronicle some of my (mis)adventures as I learn what it means to take care of a small human with the cutest smile in the world.

Introducing my little star

It's official. This guy is a dad! You may have noticed that The GATE was a little quiet over the last week, but I was just a little too busy with my new born little girl to make time for entertainment and everything else online.
Happy Holidays from The GATE

Happy Holidays from The GATE!

Happy Holidays, everyone! The GATE would like to thank all the people who have made this such a great year for us. Thanks to our readers, our advertisers, and to all the publicists who work with us week in and week out. It's because of each and every one of you that The GATE has so many incredible opportunities.
Jack 'O

The Great Pumpkin

There are lots of other updates I want to post--now that the wedding is over and time has slowed down a bit--but for now I had to post a photo from my evening in. Aisha and I carved us up a little friend we decided to call Jack 'O while we watched Evil Dead 2 (It just ain't Halloween without Bruce Campbell.)