Review: ‘The Only Living Boy in New York,’ starring Jeff Bridges

I’m always amazed whenever a drama like The Only Living Boy in New York gets made. I’m not amazed in terms of how it reflects upon the human condition or how it’s able to convey grand emotions in subtle ways. I’m amazed by films like director Marc Webb and screenwriter Allan Loeb’s The Only Living Boy in New York because they feel like they’re made by artists who have never once sincerely interacted with flesh and blood human beings. Together, Webb and Loeb have crafted something so thoroughly self-aggrandizing, stultifying, and pretentiously off-putting that it essentially has no real audience outside of a select handful of hermetic, standoffish bibliophiles who are silently waiting for the world to end so they can catch up all the reading they missed during the cold, harsh, eternal winters of the apocalypse.

Amybeth McNulty

March with Sonos, ‘Killjoys’, ‘Anne’ and ‘Rogue One’

March is almost over and it’s been a fun month, and just a tad more relaxed than I expect in April. A little down time is welcome, and it’s certainly easy to hibernate when the weather is not so hot out. There has still been a lot to do though, and this weekend would have been a lot busier if I’d been able to make the Juno Awards, but I’ll be watching the festivities from Toronto.