Canada Post mailbox

Canada Post issue is much bigger than door-to-door delivery

The media seems to be stuck in a rut when it comes to the news announced today revealing that Canada Post service and pricing would be changing in 2014 and further into 2015. Nearly every major outlet I have seen today keeps talking about the fact that door-to-door delivery is going to cease to exist by 2015, and that is a big deal, but they’re missing the biggest issue, if you ask me. Also announced was the fact that, starting in March 2014, Canada Post is going to begin charging 85 cents for a stamp, if you buy them in bulk, and a whopping dollar, if you buy them singly.

Ender's Game

Rant: The ‘Ender’s Game’ debate

The first person who tells me that we all should ban Ender’s Game, because of something the writer, Orson Scott Card, did or said, can go stick a fork in their ear, because that’s what I believe they should do. Now, hopefully, my beliefs won’t override this person’s own good sense, and they’ll decide that maybe my opinion doesn’t matter enough to stick a fork in their ear.

Thankfully, I believe the same thing.

Steve Jobs

The legacy of Steve Jobs

The social media world, and the news at large, is sounding the death knell of Steve Jobs, Apple’s co-founder, greatest CEO, and one of the men who led Pixar in its early days, and it seems like it’s impossible to see what all of this will mean in a day, a week, or a year, but it is a sad day that made me feel at least somewhat introspective.