Review: Meditation Park

Canadian filmmaker Mina Shum’s low-key, slice-of-life dramedy Meditation Park would be better suited to a release date closer to Mother’s Day than late winter. It’s hardly a game changing look at one woman’s emotional middle aged awakening, but it’s a well intentioned film that I could see mothers and daughter enjoying together and talking about afterward.

Mina Shum | The GATE

Mina Shum talks Meditation Park

Canadian writer and director Mina Shum is back doing what she does best, giving us movies that are uniquely personal and hit from the heart. Her latest film, Meditation Park, had Shum digging into her Chinese roots. It’s a bittersweet dramedy about 60-year-old Maria (played by legendary actress Cheng Pei Pei) who has devoted decades to her husband (Tzi Ma, whose performance in the film has garnered him a 2018 Canadian Screen Awards nomination for Actor in a Leading Role).