Paolo Nutini’s “Candy”

Two years ago, when I was traveling in Scotland, I asked a guy working at a record store what local bands he could recommend. I had heard of a few, but had hoped he might tell me about a new band I might never hear of outside the country.

The result was hit and miss, he got me into The Fratellis, who I had heard in the iPod ad but hadn’t listened to otherwise, and he got me into Paolo Nutini and their CD, These Streets.

Exploring historic Scotland

Scotland has always held a special fascination for me – from the castles, culture, scenery, and even the food, I’ve wanted to explore the land that one of my ancestor’s once called home. Lots of countries offer something special that you won’t find anywhere else, but for me Scotland’s allure was the connection I felt to its history.

The Story of Scotland, Part 4

On our way back to Glasgow for our last night in Scotland we chose to stop off at a nearby castle before we even realized it wasn’t just any castle – it turned out that Doune Castle, which was used as the set for Monty Pythοn and the Holy Grail. Pick almost any room in the castle and it was used for something in the movie. We were just getting our Historic Scotland pass stamped when the guy asked us if we were Monty Pythοn fans and promptly handed us a coconut that was cut in half and attached together so you can clomp along like a knight of the round table.