Review: Pet Sematary

Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer’s skillful, spooky, and ultimately superfluous updating of Pet Sematary is a film that recycles about 85% of its big screen predecessor wholesale with modest improvements here and there and a respectable reverence for its source material.

DVD Tuesday: ‘The Mist’, ‘Control’

Horror films seem to get dumber and dumber with each passing year as studios resort to cheap plots and excessively bad casts. This week if you are looking for a scary movie that has a little bit more to say, check out Stephen King‘s The Mist, which arrives in all it’s scary, misty, greatness. Plus, take in the story of Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis in Control; the adaptation of the best selling book, The Kite Runner; or that sci-fi TV gem, Sliders, season four.