Christopher Heard

Ten years through The GATE

Things that have great meaning to you–be it personally or professionally (or both)–tend to show themselves at the time in a very humble and quiet way. It is through the passage of time, looking back, we can then see the full meaning and the full import of something that seemed a casual occurrence at the time. Such can be said of the ten solid years I have been working with Andrew Powell (creator and Editor-in-Chief) and The GATE.

Julian Richings in Patch Town

A great start to a big, big year

Once upon a time, I started this site as an outlet for my interests in music, and later on, I started covering movies, television, gaming, and travel. While that beginning doesn’t feel all that long ago (in some ways), this November the site will celebrate its 13th year, and if the first couple of months are any indication, it’s going to be a very good year.