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U8TV: Exit interviews with The Lofters

Almost all of the remaining Lofters (except Tre, who snuck out on us) sat down and talked to us just before they finished their time at U8TV. Find out what their plans are now that they are back out in the "real" world and hear them talk about some of their fondest and most hated memories inside The Loft.
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U8TV: Lofter’s diaries on Kalen & Valery

Over the last few days, U8TV has started to talk about Valery & Kalen leaving the Loft. It may have taken them some time, but in true U8TV style, they finally said quite a bit about Valery in the recent U8TV: The Lofters show. After watching it though, I'm not sure I enjoyed the bad image that the show tried to pin on her.
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U8TV: Did Valery really leave?

This whole situation with Valery and Kalen leaving the loft has created quite a strange environment among fans, U8TV, and the people involved. I'm digging into some behind-the-scenes information, but a lot of what I know I can't fill you in on for various reasons.
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U8TV: Valery & Kalen Quit?

Although I can't confirm this right now, I received feedback today from someone claiming that Valery and Kalen had quit the Loft. I'm digging around to see what I can find out, so for now this should be treated as a rumor and nothing more, but I can say that Kalen's image has been removed from the Lofter's page and replaced with the U8TV logo.
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U8TV: HMV Interviews

Jen & Tre were at HMV at 333 Yonge Street here in Toronto yesterday to interview anyone who wanted to be one of the next 8 Lofters. But, just to be different, they weren't just there talking to people, they were there in their pajamas and in a bed near the magazines. I was there taking pictures so that you could see what was going on...
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U8TV: Year II Auditions

One year ago, yesterday, I auditioned to become a Lofter on U8TV. Now, the process is starting all over again and the folks inside the Loft have a few events coming up to help them find a new group of people to live their lives inside the media bubble.
Jennifer Hedger

U8TV: The Party

I actually thought that my coverage of U8TV was over until just a couple of weeks ago I got a special little VIP pass to a party I didn't even know about. Seems that the Lofters and their bosses at U8TV were looking to have a little party and who was I to refuse a party?! So, donning one of my ultra-suave, lady-killer ensembles I headed out for some beers, music and a little U8TV celebrity spotting.
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U8TV: The Final Review

Since that chill autumn day nearly 4 months ago, when I got my first glimpse at the U8TV-machine, I've gone through every stage of love and hate for the concept of U8TV. From the odd name to the cool idea of the high-tech loft, I thought every idea over... and none of it prepared me for the last two days that I've sat in front of my computer watching these 8 wonderful freaks try and make something out of nothing.
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U8TV: The Loft

For the record, as I know at least one Lofter (the fabulous Tre - who rated the site 10/100 - Ouch!) has visited this page, I want to make something honestly clear. My opinions and ideas on each of the Lofters is nothing personal. At the same time, Tre took my "pompous" comment rather well.
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U8TV: The Eight

It's coming. Yes, January 15th at 8:00am the cameras start rolling and the world will get it's chance to take a look at these 8 people who would/could be stars. Just the other day I got my chance to go down to the Lofter's home and see what all the fuss was going to be about. I know I shouldn't be negative since the show hasn't even premiered yet, but I wasn't exactly impressed.