DVD Tuesday: ‘Made of Honor’ & ‘[email protected]

Hollywood will have a hard time coming up with a cuter couple than Patrick Dempsey and Michelle Monaghan, who star in this week’s cheesy romantic comedy, Made of Honor. Also coming to DVD this week, the documentary [email protected] follows an aging choir singing rock songs, Ellen Burstyn stars in the iconic Canadian story The Stone Angel, and Speed Racer crashes in a fluffy disaster of poor storytelling and lame visuals.

Film Friday: ‘Son of Rambow’, ‘Speed Racer’

Don’t let that big, effects-driven action film steal your spending money this weekend, it’s nothing compared to what I have to call one of the year’s most original films. Son of Rambow falls into the quirky category that often gets far too little attention, despite having an original story to tell. Other new films include Speed Racer with its slow plot, the Hollywood comedy What Happens In Vegas, and a true Canadian drama, The Stone Angel.