Review: Aladdin

Disney and director Guy Ritchie’s Aladdin is a blandly competent, flavourless film that has no reason to exist outside of making a quick buck from families and nostalgic millennials who’ll shell money out for anything based on an intellectual property they have fond memories of.

Film Friday: ‘Seven Pounds’ & ‘Yes Man’

Romance is in the air this week, along with some sadness and regret as Will Smith stars in the drama Seven Pounds. Also opening, with another take on romance, Jim Carrey stars in the comedy Yes Man, about a work-a-day guy who tries to change his life with one word: Yes. Plus, the animated children’s story The Tale of Despereaux debuts, while The Wrestler and Gran Torino open in select theatres.

DVD Tuesday: ‘Enchanted’, ‘I Am Legend’

Multiple book adaptations arrive on DVD this week, plus two films that focus on two drastically different visions of New York City. Enchanted is however the big release of the week, and happens to be one of the first big signs that Disney still knows how to make a great fairly tale come to life. Also arriving this week are those three book adaptations, including the vampire survivor tale I Am Legend, Academy Award nominee Atonement, and Love in the Time of Cholera.