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Family travel tips with expert Heather Greenwood-Davis & Emirates Airline

Emirates Airline Family Travel
Travel is one of the best gifts that you can give your kids, opening up the world to them with memories that will literally last a lifetime. According to a study by Emirates Airline, children get bored just 49 minutes into flights though, so what can parents do during bigger trips--especially long-haul flights--to make the experience easier on everyone?

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Fresh Indies Vol. 4: Manila Killa, Until Home, Hænrik, Art of Shades, Jacob Steele & Vanita Joines

Fresh Indies Vol 4 Feb 2018
This week, in Fresh Indies Volume 4, I'm featuring music from six massively talented artists: the addictive Manila Killa with "Everyday Everyday", Until Home's catchy "Run to You", Hænrik's rock ballad "If This Ain't Love", Art of Shades loungey "Undone", Jacob Steele's dance-floor ready "Move Like Me", and Vanita Joines's brooding "Second Skin".

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Video premiere: Ari B debuts new single 'Just Get Me'

Just Get Me - Ari b
Ari B released her much anticipated new single "Just Get Me" today and The GATE has the video premiere! The track is a collaboration with Justin Gerrish (Charlie XCX, John Mayor, Vampire Weekend), Sangwook and 'Sunny' Nam (Barbara Streisand, Carole King, Billy Ray Cyrus), and was recorded between Boston and Los Angeles.

Review: 'Permission'

Review: 'Permission'
It would be quite the stretch to say that the relationship drama Permission is romantic, but there’s certainly a swelling emotional force at its core that will move the audience just the same.

Review: 'Let There Be Light'

Review: 'Let There Be Light'
Everything a potential viewer might want to know about the faith based drama Let There Be Light – the feature directorial debut of actor and star Kevin Sorbo – can be gleaned from the first thirty seconds of the film. Immediately settling into a tone that shouts “you’re either with us or against us” right into the viewer’s face, Let There Be Light then settles into a boring groove about one man’s not terribly exciting, implausible, and horrifically clichéd tale of religious redemption.

Review: 'Spettacolo"

Review: 'Spettacolo
Marwencol director Jeff Malmberg and producer Christina Shellen team up again for Spettacolo, the true life tale of a Tuscan town (population: 136) that has an unusual annual ritual that both helps to relieve stress while simultaneously causing it.

Giveaway: goTenna Mesh prize pack

GoTenna Mesh
For the campers, the travellers, the off-roaders, and anyone who just wants to be prepared for an emergency, The GATE has teamed up with goTenna to give away a goTenna Mesh prize pack that keeps your devices connected nearly anywhere.

Review: 'Fifty Shades Freed'

Review: 'Fifty Shades Freed'
Fifty Shades Freed, the final cinematic adaptation of the bestselling series of erotic novels by E.L. James, barely qualifies as a movie, but it’s also the most palatable and knowingly silly entry in the franchise.

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Rafe Spall & Robert James-Collier | The Ritual

Actors Rafe Spall and Robert James-Collier, who play Luke and Hutch in Netflix's The Ritual, chat about the new horror film, living part of the experience of the film, masculinity, and the monster.

Stars of CBC's Crawford

The three stars of Crawford - Kyle Mac, John Carrol Lynch, and Jill Hennessy - sit down to talk about CBC's new digital series, Crawford, from the creators Mike Clattenburg and Mike O'Neill.