Music Submission

The GATE is always looking for talented musicians. We’re encouraging musicians, bands, and all those gifted singers out there to submit their work for a chance to be featured on The GATE or in The GATE’s Media Box podcast.

We’re looking for your best work in the form of a single song, of any genre, that you think proves why you or your band should be famous. The catch, and there always is one, is simply that by submitting your music you’re giving us the right to play your track on this website for perpetuity. In other words, we’re going to feature it, and in a year when you’re mega-famous we’re still going to have it streaming here for the world to hear.

Have your lawyers read the fine print below, and then send us your music. If we pick your track, we’ll be in touch to let you know the good news.

The Rules:
* All music must be submitted by a legal representative of the musician(s) and/or band only. For that reason you must provide a valid email address and a telephone number. Sorry, but it’s the only way we can be sure that Coldplay is really submitting their latest single.

* Along with a song, we need a photo, and a very short bio (one paragraph, max) so we have something interesting to say about you.

* Finally, aside from streaming our favorites, the best of the best may be featured in podcasts throughout the year.

Still interested? Then fill out the form below:

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    By checking the box above you agree to all terms listed on this page and grant The GATE non-exclusive, royalty free, unrestricted use of any materials or information provided in this form.
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