Black Rock

Review: ‘Black Rock’ starring Katie Aselton

At first glance, Black Rock looks like a blend of Deliverance, mixed with the female-powered revenge horror of I Spit on Your Grave. While Black Rock earnestly tries to balance the two, it comes across as overly ambitious and never really finds the right tone while simultaneously falling prey to predictable horror tropes (hot girls in horror films are contractually obligated to run around naked at least some point during the movie).

St. Jacobs Market

Solitary adventures in Ontario

One of the greatest experiences is going to new places with no one but yourself for company. Being alone in a foreign city is the best way to become completely entrenched with the local culture. Every city in Canada has something truly unique to offer the experimental traveler, so here are a few ideas of places to go by yourself!

An emotional Anne Gibeault accepts the Game of the Year award for Far Cry 3

Ubisoft, ‘Far Cry 3’ top 2013 Canadian Videogame Awards

On Saturday night the red carpet was rolled out at the Vancouver Convention Centre for the fourth annual Canadian Videogame Awards (CVAs). The gala event drew some of the biggest videogame developers and publishers in the country including Ubisoft, Electronic Arts and United Front Games, but also had a strong indie presence with Klei Entertainment scoring nominations in 10 of the 15 award categories for Mark of the Ninja.

The Stogies

The Stogies light one up

The Stogies are a band who would maybe probably rather burn out than fade away, but knowing their penchant for all things raucous and unbridled, they’d just light another one up anyways. I had the esteemed pleasure of hosting these 5 boys in my small apartment for two days during CMF. And what pleasurable chaps they were. What really blew me away about this rock ‘n’roll band with heavy classic rock and jam band elements, was that these quiet, and somewhat shy Halifax, N.S. boys really ripped on stage. A sweaty, psychedelic assault, if you will.


Limblifter: Year of the Dahle

“Tinfoil”. “Vicious”. “Cordova”. “Screwed it Up”. “Ariel vs Lotus”. “Wake up to the Sun”. “Perfect Day to Disappear”. Chances are, if you’re a fan of Canadian rock music, you’ve heard a Limblifter tune or two. At a time where we’ve seen a strong resurgence of many CanRock bands of the 90s (Big Sugar, Big Wreck, Tea Party, Wide Mouth Mason, I Mother Earth, Treble Charger, Rusty) Vancouver, B.C. exports Limblifter, who formed in 1995, are too, at it again.


CMF 2013 reviews: CHVRCHES, The Zolas and Rah Rah

The show with probably the most buzz at Canadian Music Week might have been out of Scotland. Electro pop band CHVRCHES made their Canadian debut with a sold out show at the Virgin Mobile Mod Club on Wednesday, March 20. The band landed in America for the first time, played SXSW and promptly won the Inaugural Grulke Prize for Developing Non-U.S. Act. Of course, all of this was merely a warm up for Canadian Music Week, right?