The Corrs @ The Air Canada Centre, Toronto

Irish pop group The Corrs performed in Toronto last night for an enthusiastic crowd that couldn’t get enough of the band’s celtic-inspired sound. As part of a tour to support of their new CD Borrowed Heaven, the band had only made one other stop in Canada, and after not touring for some time many fans were more than eager to see where the band was today.

NXNE 2004: Hit & Miss

Once again, I hit the dirty streets of the T-Dot for NXNE. Once again, I wanted to see stuff I hadn’t seen before, searching, often in vain for the kind of sonic thrills that evaded me last year.

Did I find that crown jewel, that mind bending band that would quiken me, redefine my indie rock sensibilities? Hit or miss, baby… but that in itself is a microcosm of life, isn’t it? The bad with the good.