John Cusack in Max

TIFF 2002: ‘Max’ Film Review

In a Germany without accents, with the air of a city that could just as easily be 50 years ago or yesterday, Max follows the life of Max Rothman (played by John Cusack), a former soldier who came back from WWI without one of his arms and as an artist with only one hand, Max finds himself unable to paint, which leads him to start selling art in a local warehouse. On the evening that the film opens, Max meets an inspired young artist named Adolf Hitler who approaches Max with the hope that he’ll consider showing his art in the gallery. Nothing is that simple though, and even as we see Hitler walking away, there is an urgency and terror that bleeds into every conversation from then on as we begin to see what Hitler’s youth might have been like.

Planning my strategy for TIFF

To start off my festival experience, I went to see Nick Nolte in The Good Thief–a film that easily swept me off my feet and totally surprised me. I am so surprised by how much I loved this film. I’m working on the review still, but I hope to have it up tomorrow morning before I run out to the first films of the morning. Unfortunately, I got some bad news tonight.

TIFF 2002 poster

TIFF chaos is finally here

After a long, long wait, the Festival has finally started! Yes, it’s every media and movie nut’s favorite time of the year–schmooze time! That time of the year when everyone with a pass looks important, when die hard fans clutch desperately at their pens and pads of paper as they dodge security trying to get autographs, and photographers climb lamp-posts trying to get that ideal shot for the cover of Big Shot Magazine. It’s the time of year when a whole industry dines daily on popcorn and other expensive delectables from the greasy movie theatre concession stands, and it’s also that time when it’s not uncommon seeing someone carrying around a pillow as they run from theatre to theatre trying to catch as many shows as possible.

Introduction to a blog

“To write a diary every day is like returning to one’s own vomit.” -Enoch Powell.

Let me be honest here, this is my fifth attempt at running a blog/journal, and considering the way I operate, this one has about as much chance of surviving as all the rest! Still, I am at least trying again – so that’s something, right?