‘Cloverfield’ is driving me nuts

by W. Andrew Powell

J.J. Abrams is officially making me a crazy man. He already has me hooked on Lost, I can’t wait for his Star Trek movie, and now he’s apparently involved with this 1-18-08 film that’s been codenamed ‘Cloverfield’. [Check out the trailer here.]

When I saw the trailer before Transformers my first instinct was Voltron. I know a Voltron movie is in the works, it would make total sense to run it before Transformers, and in the trailer I just got this odd feeling of foreshadowing.

But honestly, that doesn’t make any sense. The trailer itself lists Drew Goddard as the writer of this unknown film, and the script that’s been circulating for Voltron is by Justin Marks. The trailer seems more like a monster movie, and as VH1 has suggested, it could very well be anything from a Godzilla remake, to a Lovecraft tale, or even just something original.

The only clues we have so far is that it comes out right around the same time as Lost comes back to air, the trailer seems to highlight “aters” and “08” in the text “In theatres 1-18-08”, and there’s a huge air of secrecy around the project.

All of that makes me think it is somehow, maybe even remotely, Lost related. Being secretive could just be a cool way of building suspense and making people hunt for details, or it could mean there’s some Lost connection that they want to keep under wraps.

Apparently, also according to VH1, Abrams will be talking about Star Trek and an unnamed project during the San Diego Comic-Con, so we’ll probably get at least a few more details then… but it’s going to kill me waiting to find out what he’s doing now.

And if this isn’t Voltron, can someone get on that? The LatinoReview.com article on the script has officially got me even more excited for the film to be made.

UPDATE: Meant to say, check out the site www.1-18-08.com for what appears to be the official website, and the Wired Blog has a great deal of detail about the viral marketing for the film. Couple of the links they unearthed related to the film: ethanhaaswasright.com and www.ethanhaas.org.

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