Have you hugged your planet today?

by W. Andrew Powell

When I was a kid science was always my favorite subject. Give me information about the stars, or energy, or chemical reactions and I was fascinated. At some point my love of reading and writing things down took over, but I’ve always had that love of science that keeps me searching for answers and details about things we don’t understand.

With that in mind I’ve found it highly amusing to read about the news that NASA had a few issues with their temperature data, and a lot of global warming skeptics are questioning what this means about presumptions that humans are warming up the planet.

As many news sites have pointed out though, there’s a lot more evidence than just NASA’s data to show that global warming is a real threat. I think it’s also obvious that humans have already dangerously polluted our planet.

My question though is if global warming is a natural event. Historical data on the temperature of the planet is spotty at best, and recorded temperatures only go back so far, so what if the planet goes through warm stages? Scientists have already found evidence that Greenland, which is currently covered in ice, was once green and lush.

We still need to pollute less, control the amount of waste and crap we’re putting into the ground, and stop wasting so much energy, but maybe we also need to consider that our planet has its own schedule.

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