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Open soon: A theatre near you

Last night I had the chance to sit down with Revue Film Society founder Susan Flanagan to talk about the future of the Revue Cinema on Roncesvalles. Last year the cinema closed for the first time since it was built in 1911, and went up for sale to the general public. Thankfully, Flanagan and the Society worked throughout the last 15 months to find a way to reopen and revitalize the cinema, and plans are currently under way for the Revue to reopen officially on September 14 some time in early October.

As Flanagan put it, the whole plan is for a cinema that the community can enjoy, but the catch is that the Society still needs money to make sure they can open their doors by then. They also need people to come out and support the cinema once it’s open.

Keep checking back here for news – I’ll have an article on the Revue online soon, but until then the official site is already running over at, and you can also make donations there.

The Local Pub on Roncesvalles, right next door to the cinema, is also holding a party to help raise funds for the Revue. The fundraiser runs this Saturday, August 25, from 2:00 until closing,
and tickets are $100 (with all funds going to support the cinema of course). You can buy a ticket at the venue (very limited by the way, so go buy your tickets soon) and anyone who buys a ticket also gets a six-month membership to the Revue and could win some prizes.

The current lineup for the event is: Odd Little Man, Jay Clark Reid & Guests, Chris Staig, Billy Heffernan, Derek Downham & Guests, Out Trip, and Roman Tome.

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