Bring me more Canadian films

by W. Andrew Powell

Sometimes I have to wonder what we’re so uptight about in this country. When it comes to money, for a country that’s really quite well off, we seem to have this Scrooge-attitude about where even the smallest amount of money is going. More often than not it seems like a lot of people think we shouldn’t spend any cash on culture at all.

Case in point, this person who thinks it’s a hanging offense for the Canadian and Ontario governments to have funding available for filmmakers like the folks behind Young People Fucking – a comedy about sex. (And I’m not even sure if it’s the name or the description that bothers her more.)

Let me start on the obvious point here – has she been paying attention to the crap the governments have already paid for? Do I have to mention all the horrific CBC shows and movies that have been made, or all the footage shot for dumb films from the 70s and 80s? Canada has been funding films for ages now, and for a change YPF is actually a good one.

Next up, how many films does she think get funded, and how much does it cost? The list of films getting made in Canada, especially those by Canadians, is pretty short and the amount of money spent would look like a joke next to the average cost of those election promises we hear about. And ultimately, isn’t a little culture worth the investment, because after all, the cash is an investment in productions happening within Canada.

Which brings me to my biggest point. She hasn’t even seen the fucking movie. She’s complaining based on the concept, and ultimately that might only hold water if the movie sucked. It’s a good movie – it’s not some dumb T&A flick. Go see it before you decide if the money was worth it. Maybe once it opens Canadians will also go out to a cinema and see a Canadian movie for a change. I’d rather see that than more cash coming out of the pockets of Canadians and going to American corporations for their brain dead multiplex films.

So why do I care what some person said? Because it pisses me off that no matter what happens for Canadian filmmakers, there always seems to be someone trying to flog the industry to death. Go worry about the amount of money spent on useless studies if you’re so worried about money, but for the love of God, leave the paltry cash being given to culture and filmmaking alone.

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