This is Halloween

by W. Andrew Powell

PumpkinOkay, quickly wanted to let you all know about two very cool things The GATE is involved with for Halloween this year.

First of all, check out The GATE’s Top 10 Halloween Flicks. The list is thanks to over 30 people and entertainment pros who each gave me a list of their favorite Halloween and horror films. Right now the list also includes comments from all the cool people, like Drew Curtis from and Mark Rendall from 30 Days of Night, and I’m launching a second page tonight with some of the extended comments I got.

And secondly, The GATE is very happy to be sponsoring a special Halloween night at the Revue Cinema on Roncesvalles. Make sure to be there on Wednesday night (yes, October 31) for The Evil Dead at 7:00 PM (all hail Bruce Campbell!) followed by Hatchet at 9:15 PM. The cinema is located at 400 Roncesvalles Avenue, just south of Dundas West subway, and be sure to dress up as there will be prizes.

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