WWVD? He’d carry his coffee in this…

by W. Andrew Powell

Voltron Mug
“Activate Interlock. Dynotherms Connected. Megathrusters GO…”

My childhood is all coming back to me now. One click and BANG, I’m back in elementary school playing with my action figures. Did you know that I was an official card-carrying member of the Voltron Fan Club?

Aside from getting to see Optimus Prime in the Transformers movie, I think the idea of a Voltron movie has me geeking out way more than anything else in years. Years! Dark, gritty Voltron = best.movie.ever.

However I have to laugh that: A) there an official Voltron website, B) there are apparently Voltron Reebok sneakers, and C) the Voltron store sells a “WWVD” magnet… that’s right: “What Would Voltron Do?”.


Oh yes, and don’t forget Voltron fans – Volume 5 of the DVD series is in stores tomorrow.

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